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We believe that workplaces should be representative of the wonderfully diverse communities in which we live. At Zest, we’re on a mission to make this happen through educating, elevating & empowering everyone we interact with.

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We value experiences first & experience second

Too often underrepresented groups are ruled out before they’ve made the final shortlist and skills gained outside of the workplace aren’t taken into account - but not with Zest. Workplace gained skills and past performance are vital in what we look for but they’ll never be as important as the person behind the CV!

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We work with our customers to not only put a comprehensive D&I strategy in place - we help them cultivate a more inclusive working environment

Before any search assignment, our team will uncover the D&I challenges of our customers, put together a plan as to how to overcome these as well as introduce a specialist D&I partner if a more in-depth strategy is required.

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Measure, report, analyse

Through every step of the recruitment process we measure, report & analyse the diversity within our hiring funnels. This allows us and our customers to uncover who we’re targeting and where we can improve employer brands as well as messaging to attract a more diverse audience.

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