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The Zest recruitment process secures better-matched candidates, mitigates the risk of mis-hire & guarantees an unparalleled recruitment experience.

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Our recruitment process

Understand who fits and who doesn't through our carefully crafted skills & values alignment assessment

1) Get to know the real you illustration

1) Get to know the real you

We ask the questions others wouldn't and speak to your top performers

2) Employee Modelling illustration

2) Employee Modelling

Understand who fits & who doesn't through our carefully crafted value alignment assessment

3) Bespoke Process to you illustration

3) Bespoke Process to you

Uncover everything from what you typically ask at first interview through to your pet peeves & align our process 100% to your requirements!

4) The search begins illustration

4) The search begins

Roles advertised (written & video) + the market mapping & targeted sourcing process begins

5) Video candidate profiling illustration

5) Video candidate profiling

A candidate should never simply be judged by 'their CV' which is why we use video in every stage of our candidate assessment process

6) Branded video shortlist illustration

6) Branded video shortlist

A shortlist branded to you; asking your interview questions & allowing multiple hiring managers the ability to assess talent on demand!

7) Placement illustration

7) Placement

Woop woop!

8) Data analysis

8) Data = Zesty Induction

Induction isn't 'one size fits all', so we utilise your new hires' notice period to uncover; development areas, strengths & mid to long-term goals - enabling a far Zestier onboarding process.

10) The development journey begins illustration

9) The development journey begins

Most staffing agencies journey ends at placement, ours just begins. We're committed to providing a lifetime of professional development through training, coaching & wellbeing assistance to ensure everyone maximises their Zest!

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Don't just take our word for it


Graeme Watt


“Caring, energetic & innovative recruitment specialist - committed to developing talent”

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Hayley Roberts


“Energy, innovation & true care for people, personified”


Mike Connolly


“innovative platform and brilliant customer service”

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Katie Brown

Sales Director

“Always deliver unrivalled talent & Calum is brilliant in getting the best out of everyone he speaks to"

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Our services

Our process is designed to deliver a phenomenal recruitment experience every-time. However our services can be as unique & scalable as our customers, whether a start-up or established technology organisation.

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Add Some Zest

Adding immediate energy, whether one role or multiple hires

  • Designated Zester
  • Fixed fee based on requirements
  • Full targeted competitor search
  • Hire the best available candidate
Zest as a Service illustration

Zest as a Service

Helping SaaS scale ups grow with zest

  • Designated Zester
  • Fixed fee financed over the first 6 months
  • Full targeted competitor search
  • Hire the best available candidate
Zest Process Outsourcing illustration

Zest Process Outsourcing

Bring the Zest on-site

  • Designated Zester on site
  • Fixed monthly recruitment fee
  • Employer brand audit
  • Audit of current recruitment process
  • Salary & employer benefits benchmarking

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